All about Windows Vista – Overview & Features

As compared with earlier versions, Microsoft launched Windows Vista with new and upgraded features like new GUI, DVD maker tool, and Windows Aero with 3-D graphics. This article will explain key features of Windows Vista, Overview, Issues and solutions.

Overview of Windows Vista

Windows Vista (codename Longhorn) was the successor to Windows XP, it was released in November 2006. Windows Vista was the first Operating system among all OS which use DVD-ROM media for installation, can be installed only on NTFS formatted partition and support loading drivers for SCSI/IDE/SATA/RAID controllers from any source before its installation.

windows vista

Different Versions of Windows Vista

Windows Vista was available in six editions having their own benefits and limitations. All versions of Windows Vista support 64 bit except Starter. Moreover, Windows Home Basic lacks Aero feature.

  • Windows Vista Home Basic
  • Windows Vista Home Premium
  • Windows Vista Business
  • Windows Vista Enterprise
  • Windows Vista Ultimate

New Features included in Windows Vista

The top features of Windows Vista are listed below including Graphical user interface, & security.

  • New look - Aero

    One of the top feature included in Vista was Aero (Authentic, Energetic, Reflective and Open). It was a new outstanding user interface with glass type transparencies and animations. Some of the best features included in Windows Aero are:
    Improved Windows Flip: This Windows Vista improved feature let users to preview each open Window by pressing Alt+Tab.
    Windows Flip 3D: This Windows Vista new feature Flip 3-D (Windows key+Tab) enables user to switch between open windows in three-dimensional view.

    windows vista 3-D graphics aero feature

  • Email Client - Windows mail

    A new email client Windows mail was introduced with Windows Vista, it was the successor to Outlook Express on Windows XP. With Windows mail, users can exchange email with friends and colleagues. Besides, they can join newsgroups for information.

    wndows mail feature in windows vista

  • BitLocker Drive Encryption

    Windows Vista Enterprise and Windows Vista Ultimate provides data protection feature that encrypt the entire volume on the hard disk and protect your data if your computer is stolen. This security feature protect your important files and documents from unauthorized access.

    wndows vista bitlocker drive encryption feature

  • Backup and Restore Feature

    Microsoft introduced new feature in Windows Vista named Backup and Restore which replaced NTBackup of previous versions. It enables user to create backups and restore the backup when required. Windows Vista allows user to perform image-based full system backup i.e. Complete PC Backup. Besides, this image-based backup use Virtual hard disk (VHD) file format. At the time of backup, Windows use Volume shadow copy service (VSS) so as to check files remain unchanged during backup.

    wndows vista backup and restore feature

Problems and solutions while using Windows Vista

Windows Vista users face many problems like technical issues, applications may run slow, high CPU usage showing in task manager, PC slows down when any program starts & Windows Vista may take hours in shutting down. These are the most common issues in Windows Vista. To solve them, you need to check if Windows update is working, check if system is working normal in safe mode, or disable aero glass.
If the problem still exist, and your system keep troubling you, at startup you may see a lot of errors, or there is a problem in accessing hard drive data then it indicates that the hard disk is failing. In such situation you may lose your valuable data or it can get corrupt. If Windows Vista data has been lost then users can easily recover lost data using Windows data recovery application.