Windows Millennium Edition (ME)– Overview and New Features

Windows ME Overview

Windows Millennium Edition (ME) was launched in September 2000. It was the last version of Windows 9x series. Windows ME was a replacement of Windows 98 SE (Second Edition) operating system with updated and improved features. In addition, Microsoft developed Windows ME especially for home users whereas Windows 2000 for business users.

windows Millennium Edition (ME)

New Features to Windows Millennium Edition (ME)

  • System Restore Tool

    System Restore feature allows user to restore system files, drivers, and the registry to their previous state. System Restore feature helps Windows ME to recover from system failure. With this feature, users can undo the recent changes that are causing problems.

  • Automatic Windows Update

    Windows Millennium Edition included new feature named Windows Update utility that automatically download and install updates from Windows Update Web site.

  • Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)

    Windows Image Acquisition feature of Windows ME allows Windows Application to communicate with devices like digital cameras, scanners, & webcams etc.

  • System File Protection

    Microsoft introduced Windows file protection feature first in Windows 2000. In Windows ME, System File Protection feature silently and automatically restore the original copy of system file if system files have been deleted, corrupted, or modified.

  • Generic Drivers for USB storage devices

    Microsoft included best feature in Windows ME that makes it first OS in Windows 9x series to provide generic drivers for USB mass storage devices. With this feature, there is no longer need of third-party driver for USB devices.

  • Windows Movie Maker

    Windows Millennium Edition came with new feature Window Movie Maker that enables user to capture, edit media content. Using this feature, users can capture video and perform editing on them then re-encode it into Windows Media format which is the compressed form.

Some issues faced by Windows ME users

As we all know Microsoft stopped providing support for Windows ME for long that means Windows ME is not receiving security updates any longer from Microsoft. This lack of security makes Windows ME more vulnerable to virus attack. Malware, virus infection can make data inaccessible or it can covertly delete your precious data. In order to overcome this data loss, users can use data recovery software for Windows ME.