Windows 98 – Overview, Features and Issues

Windows 98 was an improvement on Windows 95. It was released with some improved features like easy to install, more reliable and more stable than its precursor Windows 95. In this article, Win 98 overview, its main features, and common issues will be explained.

Overview of Windows 98

Microsoft launched Windows 98 in 1998 as the second release of the Windows 9x series. Windows 98 was the successor to Windows 95 and the precursor to Window 98 SE. This operating system was available in 16-bit as well as 32-bit OS.

windows 98

Features added to Windows 98

  • Internet based application

    Windows 98 introduced many internet based programs such as Internet Explorer 4.01, Outlook Express, and Windows Address Book.

  • Windows Driver Model (WDM)

    The first time Windows driver model was unveiled by Windows 98 operating system. WDM is a device driver framework. It was a replacement of VxD driver standard in Windows 95. Apart from this, it had advantage over win 95 since WDM provides more features.

  • System File Checker

    Windows 98 came up with a tool called System File Checker that scans and restore corrupt or missing system files.

  • FAT 32 File system

    Windows 98 supports FAT 32 file system, which was previously supported by only Windows 95 OSR2. This file system improves storage efficiency as well as it supports disk up to 2TB.

What common problems occur in Windows 98?

Microsoft stopped giving support to Windows 98 since a long time ago. This absence of security patches make Windows 98 more likely to be harmed by malware attack. Besides, virus infection can delete or corrupt your valuable data. Furthermore, Windows 98 can give BSOD error every time the OS boot, this error may indicate hard disk is failing. All these disadvantages of Win 98 cause you to lose data which can only be recovered using backup but if there is no backup then go for Windows data recovery software. This tool can easily restore all permanently deleted data and recover all inaccessible or corrupt data.