Windows 8 – Best 5 new and improved features

Microsoft has been releasing various Windows versions in order to improve performance of precursor. Windows 8 is one of those Windows edition that have been released with some stunning features. Windows 8 operating system includes security components, default web browser- Internet Explorer 10, & skydrive to store and share photos, videos, documents. Here, the top 5 Windows 8 features are elaborated.

Splendid Start Screen

Microsoft brought a drastic change in Windows 8 Graphical user interface as live tiles start screen replaced start menu button of previous Windows OS. However, most of the Windows users would not find the new GUI a piece of cake but it's the most attractive interface users have ever seen in Windows OS.

windows 8 start screen

In-built Antivirus – Windows Defender

This Windows 8 security feature provides in-built antivirus named Windows Defender that replaces Microsoft security essentials. This antivirus protects your system from virus and spyware. Besides, it notifies you time to time if it finds any issue related to virus infection.

windows 8 - windows defender

Mount ISO and VHD natively

One of the best feature of Windows 8 is that it enables users to access ISO and VHD file directly. In order to access ISO file, there is no longer need to burn an ISO file to writable optical disc or install software to mount the file. All you need to do is just mount it by double click on the ISO file. Like ISO, Windows 8 support native mounting of the VHD file. Users can view, add, modify, & remove files from the virtual hard disk.

Keyboard shortcuts to deploy new features

Windows 8 provides keyboard shortcuts so as to save time by not using mouse every time, now users can use keyboard shortcuts to access its new features such as Charms Bar that consists of Search charm, Share charm, Start charm, Devices charm, Settings charm. Some of the keyboards shortcuts are given below:
+ C- to open charm bar
+ F- to open search bar
+ H- to open share bar
+ I- to open setting bar
+ K- to open devices bar

Hybrid Boot Feature- Fast Startup

In order to make boot time faster, Windows 8 introduced new feature hybrid boot which is a little bit different from hibernation. In users' PC, there are two session exist kernel session and user session. Unlike hibernation, hybrid boot saves only kernel session and device drivers to hiberfil.sys file on hard drive as soon as shut down request invoked. When PC starts, Windows 8 reads saved kernel session to resume your system and starts new user session. Hence, this new hybrid boot feature results in faster boot time. In the below figure, it is shown that how hybrid boot differs from cold boot.

wndows 8 hybrid boot

Windows 8 Issues and Solutions

Like previous versions of Windows OS, Windows 8 also face common issues that cause data loss. Common problems that are encountered by Windows 8 users – malware injection, inaccessible drives, system hangs, reboot repeatedly, sudden power failure etc. All these issues lead to hard disk corruption and due to this data can be lost or get corrupt. If your data have become inaccessible, accidentally deleted then you can try windows data recovery program.