Windows server 2016- Enriched Features

One of the biggest innovation of Microsoft in Windows server operating system series is going to be launched in the year 2016. It is inevitable that an upcoming Windows server 2016 will become everyone's favorite server OS since its technical preview contains many eye-catching features. Hence, in this post I will shed some light on what's new in Windows server 2016 operating system that can take Windows server OS family to a new era.

windows server 2016 operating system

New Best features of windows server 2016

  • Nano Server- A smaller server version

    Microsoft introduced a light version of Windows Server 2016 which is even smaller than server core of Win server 2012. Nano Server doesn't include graphical user interface and it will be compatible with only 64-bit applications. Besides, this Windows server 2016 feature doesn't provide local log-on capability, it can only be managed via PowerShell or WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) remotely. This feature of WS2016 provides a lot of benefits over win server such as smaller VHD size, fewer security issues, smaller disk space, and fewer reboots.

  • Shielded Virtual Machines

    A new security feature shielded VMs that will appear in Windows server 2016 Hyper-V which makes it possible to encrypt virtual machines with the help of BitLocker and make them more secure than before. This encrypted-BitLocker feature will protect your content inside your Virtual machine against theft by storing keys in a trusted Active Directory forest.

  • Run PowerShell scripts Direct

    Windows Server 2016 provides a notable feature called PowerShell Direct which enables administrator to execute PowerShell scripts or cmdlets on a virtual machines remotely. Besides, VMs need not be connected to the network. This feature of Windows Server 2016 requires VMBus and the Invoke-Command cmdlets, replacing cmdlet's ComputerName parameter with the VMName parameter.

  • Improvements on ReFS File system

    ReFS (Resilient File system) was first introduced by Windows Server 2012 operating system. Now in the list of Windows Server 2016 features, WS2016 will also bring this new file system but in an improved upgraded version of ReFS.

  • Windows Server and Hyper-V containers

    One of the noticeable feature of Windows Server 2016 is container that makes it possible to deploy many isolated applications on one computer machine. There are two types of containers that are supported by Windows server 2016 OS: Windows Server container and Hyper-V container. Windows Server containers run each container as an isolated applications on the host OS whereas Hyper-V containers run each container as an isolated application in a virtual machine. Hyper-V containers are isolated virtual machines. Besides, users can do nested virtualization within Hyper-V.

  • Storage Replica

    Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 introduced storage spaces feature which is similar to RAID since it provides fault-tolerance, striping, and storage tiers. With Windows Server 2016, Microsoft introduces a new feature called storage replica that replicates entire volumes at the block level. The main motive behind this feature is recovery from major disaster.