Windows Home Server 2011- Overview and Main Features

Microsoft's main motive behind releasing Windows Home Server 2011 was to help small businesses in backing up the data automatically, streaming of media files over the networks, and restoring individual file as well as entire PC's data. This article will piqued your interest by explaining basic introduction and the best features of Windows Home Server 2011 operating system.

Basic Introduction to Windows Home Server 2011

Microsoft announced Windows Home Server 2011 would be the last release in Windows Home server family. This Home Server 2011 (codenamed Vail) was an improvement over its predecessors. However, Microsoft decided to remove Drive Extender feature from WHS 2011 that was available in its precursor. Unlike Windows Home Server, WHS 2011 is a 64-bit operating system. The 2011 version was designed to provide file sharing among connected systems, automatic daily backup of PCs and to monitor the performance of all connected PC at your home network.

windows home server 2011 operating system

Features of Win Home Server 2011

  • Daily Automatic PCs Backup

    Windows Home Server 2011 provides centralized backup of up to 10 connected PCs to server in your home network. Furthermore, it gives additional feature of performing automatic daily backup. In case users need to restore a file or entire PC data then WHS 2011 is a perfect solution.

  • Provide Remote Access

    WHS 2011 enables user to access a PC as well as server remotely. Besides, users can access shared folder that resides on a server and any computer that connected to the home server. With this feature, Windows Home Server 2011 make it possible to upload or download files from shared folders over the network.

  • Streaming Digital Media

    One of the outstanding feature that included in WHS 2011 are sharing digital media with connected computers. The four media stream that included in Windows Home Server 2011 are pictures, music, recorded TV, and videos. Using this feature you can stream, for example, music across the network.

  • No Drive Extender

    The notable feature that made Windows Home Server popular was Drive Extender which enables you to create a large pool of storage by adding multiple hard disks of any size. However, Microsoft removed this feature from the last version of Homer server i.e. from WHS 2011.

The most common issues faced by WHS 2011 users

As Microsoft completely removed drive extender (DE) from WHS 2011, users find it difficult to protect their data since the main feature of Drive Extender was to provide data protection in Windows Home server by copying the data in multiple drives so that if any disk fails then the data is retained in another drive. If you are among those users whose server data including the backup of all connected PCs have been lost and cannot be recovered then it's worth trying a software which is meant for data recovery from Windows Home Server 2011 that recovers corrupt, deleted or lost data.