6 Best Features in Windows Server 2003R2

Microsoft launched Windows Server 2003R2 as an improvement over its predecessor Windows Server 2003. There are many new features included in Windows Server 2003 Release 2 such as better branch office management, Active Directory Federation, and many more. This article will focus on features of Windows Server 2003R2 operating system, and its issues with solutions.

New features to Windows Server 2003R2

  • Identity and access management

    Windows Server 2003R2 includes a noticeable feature which provides centralized management of identities as well as provides simple and secure access to multiple applications.

  • Quota management

    One of the main feature that Windows Server 2003R2 brought was Quota management which enables user to apply quotas at volume level as well as at folder level. The main purpose of this feature is to limit the space allowed for volume and folder. Furthermore, it also notifies users if quota limit are exceeded.

  • Active Directory Federation Service

    Windows server 2003 R2 operating system provides Active Directory Federation Service which allows users to use single sign-on (SS0) technology so that users can access their multiple applications which reside in connected systems with a single ID and password.

  • Interoperability with UNIX

    The R2 version of Windows server 2003 includes UNIX interoperability feature which means UNIX and Linux based applications can compile and run on a system running Windows server operating system. This interoperability is achieved by a component called Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (SUA).

  • Server Virtualization

    Now users can use virtualization technique in Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise and Datacenter editions by running 4 virtual instances in a physical instance of Enterprise version and unlimited virtual instances in Datacenter version.

  • Branch office server management

    Branch office server management includes centrally manage tools for files and printers. Besides, Windows Server 2003 R2 improved data replication service by introducing DFS (Distributed file system) replication DFSR which copy only recent changes that have made to a file instead of copying entire file to all servers.

Windows Server 2003 R2- End of Life?

As all we know, Microsoft decided not to provide support for Windows Server 2003 R2 from 14th July 2015. However, this is not the end of R2 as so many users all over the world are still using this operating system. But Windows Server 2003 R2 is not secure since there is no security updates or fixes from Microsoft. The main problem caused by this lack of security is virus attack that can corrupt your data or covertly delete your data. In order to regain lost data, it's worth a try to use Windows data recovery software that easily recover all lost, corrupt or permanently deleted data from Win Server 2003 R2.