Windows 10 with captivated new features

Microsoft's biggest breakthrough came in 2015 with Windows 10. When Windows 10 was launched, at that very moment millions of users started migrating to Windows 10 from their previous Windows version. Windows 10 came up with the returning of easy to use start menu and tons of new Windows 10 features like Cortana, Edge web browser, Free to upgrade. This post will give you the best features of windows 10.

Returning of the Start Menu- Long awaited feature

Microsoft has finally returned the easy to use Start menu which includes the style of Windows 7 start menu & Windows 8 live tiles. Windows users are extremely pleased after the release of Windows 10 since Microsoft get them back Start menu feature, many users were finding it hard to adapt no start menu environment in precursor of Windows 10. Hence, this Windows 10 feature was one of the reason for upgrading to Win 10.

windows 10 feature Start menu

Cortana: a voice assistant in Windows 10 Features

Micosoft's voice assistant is one of the most noticeable feature for Windows 10. Cortana is not only a voice assistant, but it can also work if you type questions. This Windows 10 OS features provide built-in reminder that helps user in creating a reminder. Windows 10 feature Cortana has many more features like it can identify songs that is playing near, tell you jokes, track flights & packages, use Bing to give answers, check weather of different places, send emails, create calendar events etc.

windows 10 feature cortana

Edge: A new browser in Windows 10 Features list

Microsoft launched a new web browser named Edge with the release of Windows 10. The edge browser for windows 10 replaced Internet Explorer and provides a new browsing experience to Windows users. The new Windows 10 feature i.e. Edge browser formerly Spartan makes browsing faster than ever before. Besides, Microsoft Edge browser ensures better security over other web browsers, it provides safe and secure surfing. A phenomenal look of Edge makes it user friendly interface. The remarkable Windows 10 feature that included in Edge is Extensions. Edge browser supports cortana as well, users can use ask Cortana feature within Edge.

windows 10 feature Edge Browser

Windows 10 Gaming Features- Xbox Streaming

Users can experience Xbox gaming with this enthralled feature of Windows 10. This feature will allow users to stream Xbox One to any Windows 10 desktop, laptop or tablet then play games in more than one place. Xbox app will let users to share their gaming moments by creating screenshots and then share them with their friends using Xbox Live. This is one of the best Windows 10 features which support DirectX 12 that will further improve visual effects. With this Windows 10 feature, PC allows user to join party chat while playing games so as to chat with their friends.

windows 10 feature Xbox streaming

Command prompt with new Features in Windows 10

Command Prompt is included in every version of Windows OS without any change but this time Microsoft introduced new feature in Windows 10 Command Prompt i.e. keyboard shortcuts. Now Windows users are able to use Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V for copying & pasting respectively in command line. In order to use this windows 10 feature, users need to check the enable Ctrl key shortcuts option in command prompt properties as shown below.

windows 10 feature command line

Windows 10 Users facing Problems

With the arrival of Windows 10 and its best new features, many windows users switch to Windows 10 as Microsoft provided free upgrade.But it has been noticed that there are many issues encounter while upgrading to Windows 10 such as after installation most of the users face problems like system hangs for hours, rebooting or reinstallation again and again. All these issues corrupt hard disk as well as data. In order to get back corrupted or lost data, users had better go for a Windows Data Recovery Tool.