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Retrieve data from different type of storage devices

The recovery tool can retrieve data from different internal and external storage devices like hard drive, Pen Drive, Memory Card, CD-ROM, DVD, Blu Ray disc & Flash drive.

Restore deleted, corrupted multimedia files

The software allows user to quickly restore lost, deleted, & unhealthy multimedia files like photos, audios, videos, movies, documents, files etc.

Support FAT and NTFS partition recovery

This application support all versions of FAT & NTFS. It enables user to recover damaged data from a hard disk having either FAT or NTFS partition.

Recover data from Formatted and Raw partition

If the drive has been formatted accidentally then the tool can restore all data from it. Besides, the tool can recover inaccessible drive which gives an error message of RAW partition.

Bring files & folders back from empty recycle bin

This utility will help you in getting back files & folders that have been deleted from recycle bin. In case you have performed Shift+Del operation on some items then you can restore them with the help of the tool.

Search option to locate specific file

The software provides a search option that will help users in finding a specific file from recovered items. In addition, users can preview details of a file like size, type, date of creation etc.

Save selective folders in desired location

The tool allows you to extract selected files & folders from recovered items and then allow you to save them in desired location on a hard disk.

Retain folder hierarchy

While carrying out the recovery process, the tool maintains On-disk folder hierarchy. Once the process gets completed, every directory can be seen in its original format.

Preview attributes of all Partitions

One of the powerful feature of the tool is that it displays the detail of every partition by its auto detecting feature. It gives information of a volume like model number, disk number, type, total size, free size etc.

Arrange Recovered items by their name & size

The application enables user to sort the recovered data in increasing or decreasing order using their attributes like file name, file size, file type, creation date, modification date.

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