Fix Blue screen 0x0000002E- DATA_BUS_ERROR

Blue screen of death is the most troublesome issue that every Windows user encounters over and over again. One of such type of BSOD is DATA_BUS_ERROR (0x0000002E) which is mostly caused by hardware problems. The bug check leads to restart the system in order to prevent further damage. In this article, 0x2E error, its causes and resolutions will be explained.

Fix DATA_BUS_ERROR 0x0000002E


The bug check indicates that a parity error is detected in memory. There can be several reasons for occurrence of DATA_BUS_ERROR, some of the main causes are listed below:

  • Misconfigured, faulty, or incompatible hardware
  • Defective RAM, Level 2 RAM, video RAM, or cache errors
  • Device driver tries to access address with the value 0x8xxxxxxx which doesn't exist
  • Corruption in a hard disk
  • Damaged Master Boot Record (MBR)

Resolutions of 0x2E DATA_BUS_ERROR

BSOD having code name DATA_BUS_ERROR and value of 0x0000002E is most commonly seen in Windows server 2000. The bug check can be resolved by using below methods:

  • There are chances that recently installed hardware leads to the BSOD. To resolve the issue, remove recently added hardware.
  • If DATA_BUS_ERROR occur after installing or updating device driver then uninstall or replace the driver.
  • Hard disk corruption is one of the main reason for this error that can be fixed by running disk utility, Check Disk, which repair disk-related errors. Run Chkdsk /f /r in command prompt.
  • Perform Windows update and make sure all drivers are up to date.