Software Guide
Know How to Recover


Launch the software and click on scan disk option to start recovery process.


The next screen will show all drives and their details. Select the drive that needs to be recovered and then click recover partition.


Once drive has been selected, a new screen is displayed that asks you to select what type of recovery you want to perform as listed below.

  • Recover the partition/drive/volume (without deleted files/folders)
  • Recover formatted partition/drive/volume
  • Recover only deleted files or folders
    Click on Recover to proceed to the next step

  • STEP 4

    As soon as recover option is selected, the scanning process gets started.

    STEP 5

    After the completion of scan process, the software will display detail of a recovered drive. Besides, it provides you a search option to search for a specific file.

    STEP 6

    Search the particular file with name to get preview of it.

    STEP 7

    To view files and folders, select file and right-click the selected file then choose Preview Selected File from the drop down menu as shown below:

    STEP 8

    Select the folder from left panel and right click selected file to get the option to extract selected files from drop down menu

    STEP 9

    This step will allow you to save the recovered item to a desired location.

    STEP 10

    When the recovery process has been carried out successfully. A new window will be displayed with a message Extraction process completed. Click ok to quit the application.